ETI Equity & Inclusion Statement

Guiding Statement
ETI intentionally fosters organizational, institutional and community equity and inclusion by raising awareness, removing obstacles, creating educational and other opportunities, ensuring access to those opportunities and providing strategies and tools to bring about the vision of inclusive excellence, both in our organization and in our projects.

ETI recognizes that structural inequality is embedded in nearly every organization and institution, and that organizational and community norms take time to change.

Our hope is to model equity and inclusion; and help train global citizens who contribute to developing communities in equitable and inclusive ways.


  • Promotes female leadership and decision-making roles (committees, partners, projects);
  • Designs opportunities with equitable benefits to females (revenue streams, businesses, enrollments, hiring);
  • Removes obstacles to achievement of success;
  • Is mindful and inclusive of marginalized groups (women, girls, AIDS widows, extremely poor, unpopular ethnic groups, out-of-school youth, disabled); and
  • Selects partners with shared values.

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