ROC It Forward in Karagwe – Site Visit 2018

Team ETI returned from Karagwe on Feb 6 and hit the ground running.


If you followed the ETI website, the ETI Travelblog, ETI’s Facebook or Twitter while Team ETI was in Karagwe, Tanzania, then you already know we are working on the Rural Opportunity Centers (ROCs). If you are a new reader – Karibu sana! Welcome!

Bruce Engel of BURO Engel Architects (NY) and I are working with the Karagwe Diocese of the Evangelical Lutheran Church (ELCT/KAD or “KAD”) in order to plan the design of centers located in rural areas as extensions or satellites of Karagwe University College (KARUCO). The trip was productive, enlightening, exhausting and downright fun.

In general we discussed and agreed upon some major aspects of the ROCs. Water, education and training, health, resource rental centers and provision of markets. Nothing is galvanized so we will continue to move forward with an eye toward reduce, reuse, recycle, renewable sources, utilizing local materials and labor and basing everything we do upon the needs and strengths of the surrounding communities.

Dr. Andrew Cesari, Chief if Staff at Nyakahanga Hospital has been appointed as Chair, Task Force of the Rural Opportunity Centers. Karibu Dr. Andrew. We can’t wait to work together!

Dr Andrew TourDr Andrew Tour

NOTE: Nyakahanga is an award-winning Hospital (USAID, CDC and nationally); the hospital serves 65,000 people with 5 satellites and 274 staff; the hospital endorsed the idea of a health clinic at the ROC. Notably, the hospital has improved in nearly every aspect of care it delivers. Dr Andrew and his staff are pleased with progress but readily name all that is needed to make necessary improvements in equipment, staff and services. There is profound need here and it is encouraging to see relevant services provided by caring, competent individuals.




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