Heading to Karagwe


ETI is headed to Karagwe for its first 2018 visit and the first visit after the October KARUCO Dedication and Inauguration.

Jan Hansen, President/CEO, heads to Karagwe on Thursday, January 25th and returns early February. Our goals are to:

1. bask in the glow of the wondrous and inspiring dedication on Oct 29, 2017;

2. get updates on KARUCO;

3. Introduce BURO Engel to the KARUCO project and Rural Opportunity Centers (ROCs) as extensions of the University. Rev Anicet Maganya, General Secretary, Head of the ROC Task Force takes the lead as we visit sites, learn more about Karagwe and what her people want and need.

Do you want to follow along? Visit our ETI  TRAVELBLOG.



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