46 Days Until KARUCO Dedication

Yes, it’s true. In just 46 days, ETI will be on site for the Dedication and Inauguration of KARUCO in Tanzania. 46-valentino-rossi_fETI will join it partners from all over the world and witness the Inauguration ceremony on October 29, 2017. The KARUCO Task Force and Dr. Brighton Juel Katabaro are busy planning for the ceremony that will involve individual partners from Europe, Sweden, Tanzania and the U.S. as each get to dedicate the aspect of KARUCO that they sponsored, funded or designed. It will be an amazing day. Nine from the ETI family will be on hand to witness the ceremony and celebration. These are amazing times!

The ETI Team of nine leaves October 25 from Minneapolis, flies to (through) Amsterdam, then catches a flight to Entebble (Kamapala) Uganda, and stays overnight on Lake Victoria near the Entebbe Airport. Our team then heads out with our trusty driver, Ben Kayemba, early the next morning; set for the Tanzanian border, meets our partners from ELCT/KAD at the border and then heads the last two hours to Kayanga, Tanzania. Team ETI arrives October 27 and stays at the Karagwe Hotel. The next mornig we head to our tour of KARUCO. We can hardly wait to see the 1000 acre campus, the buildings, the power and light, the computers, the books, and the dormitories and the dining hall. Best of all we can hardly wait to reconnect with old partners, meet up with new, meet farmers who have particpated at KARUCO and meet the incoming students who will enroll.

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