TODAY: UMN Team to Karagwe

e9f7568f-9481-437a-8511-f1694c1a7d7c-16165-000012ad7a41dc35 3626d4d2-f72d-41e3-a9d9-7020b8c4dede-16165-000012ad7bbf02afThe UMN Master of Development Practice team Heads to Karagwe today. Dr. Chris Johnstone and two UMN students will assess community needs as ETI helps build Opportunity Centers in Tanzania. The team will be assisted by Ms. Edina Kabyazi of Karagwe.

765d1215-becd-4659-bb58-b0c8b0347838-16165-000012ad7867c60cFrom May – July 2017, the team will conduct focus groups and participatory rural appraisal activities to plan Rural Opportunity Centers (ROCs). The Team is supervised by Dr. Chris Johnstone, UMN who was introduced to Karagwe by ETI in 2012. Chris will be assisted by Ms. Edina Kabyazi, a resident of Karagwe working in community development. Chris and Edina will lead the team of graduate students who are enrolled in the University of Minnesota’s MDP program.

ETI partners with UMN to meet goals of International Development. ETI looks forward to next steps in the planning of Rural Opportunity Centers.



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  1. leoleo tanzania on May 18, 2017 at 6:21 am

    Nice post , thank you for sharing.

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