Super Bowl!

football-clip-art-football-clip-art-5-e1346675278471 It was predicted that Americans would spend 14.1 billion (with a “B”) on the 2017 Super Bowl. They did not disappoint. Millions of Americans prepared for the game and game parties to get hosts and party-goers alike through the game that ultimately ended up with another win for the Patriots.

And on Monday – life resumes.

Matthew Shay, NRF President  and CEO predicted that 188 million people would tune in to the the Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots for the Super Bowl and that each would spend an average of $75. This amounts to 14.1 billion US dollars (stats conducted by Prosper Insights & Analytics). 

So..What are folks buying? “Decorations, party food, accessories and other Super Bowl necessities” (NRF, 2017).



Let’s talk necessities.

Our friends in Karagwe have necessities that extend beyond guacamole, cheers that rhyme and on- the-field strategy. The needs in Karagwe ring something like this: “water, nutrition, health, education”. People cannot attend school because they walk all day for water. Children in communities that grow no protein have more illnesses and lean on the doctors who are spread too thin. Women who have lost a husband to AIDS have a difficult time as they try to feed their children with no suppoort. And over half of the parents cannot afford the fees to allow their children to attend school.

If ETI had just 1/10 of 1% of what folks spend on a Super Bowl, ETI would have been able to fund Karagwe University College (KARUCO) AND the Opportunity Centers to enhance farmer training and community development in rural areas around Karagwe. This means that people would be able to reach their economic and educational goals.

It’s easy to call attention to spending priorities of other people. It’s easy to target expenses that might not align with our own priorities. That is not my intention here. My intention is to hold up a mirror and ask ourselves if we could set aside a portion of the funds from a large event in order to help others – as part of the festivities.

We could cut back on one item and therefore help some folks half a world away. Seems like a good way we could combine some fun and some good.

Common good.

We can do this.


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