Monthly Givers are Stable Force


STABLE  Donors  Make  STABLE  Programs

Studies show that nonprofits who have recurring donors:

  1. make more secure plans based upon known finances
  2. tend to have donors who maintain interest in and stick with the project for years
  3. are able to invest less in strategies that solicit funds
  4. feel more support and encouragement from recurring donors




Two of ETI’s recurring donors are Ben Spaeth and Lynn Fujino. Ben’s gift arrived today at the ETI office and was a welcome boost, not only because ETI is financially ahead but because it reminds us that someone sees the value of ETI’s programs. Lynn’s gift arrives bi-monthly and is also a boost. Let’s hear what these ‘stable donors’ have to say.


As soon as I began my career I knew that I wanted to give to charities that align with my beliefs. I have been fortunate enough to find a job that afforded me extra room to support myself while still having means to help others as well. I wanted to donate to a charity that was centered around education. I have always been passionate about the doors that education can open and I wanted to help others experience that opportunity. After doing thorough research on education-based charities, I settled on ETI as the one that I was going to donate to. There were two major factors that played into my decision to give to ETI: I wanted to give to a charity where my donation could make a real difference, and I wanted a program that believed in moving communities forward through education. ETI has given me an outlet that allows me to put my passions to into action.

I enjoy that my donation goes to a Minnesota based charity where my donation can make a difference. Unfortunately I do not have any friends or family involved with ETI but I am always informing friends and family of the benefits of ETI and similar organizations and the reasons why I donate.

I have really enjoyed recurring giving over lump sums because it allows me to easily budget my giving to ETI and does not rely on remembering when to send in my donations.


I have a passion for people that God has inspired to put their forth best efforts as they show godly work through education, water, and improved stewardship of the land. It is rewarding to see people in developing communities who know that others care about them and want to get to know them: That there is relationship and it’s not one-sided. Supporting projects that grow in relationship, collaborate and help the world’s poor live in a positive environment, encourages communities to access their own resources and make a difference in their own world. God’s provision. I have a passion for missions. Not just walking in and screaming ‘god’ at them’ but showing God in ways that are hopeful and helpful. Not from just our own perspective but a shared perspective. Being an ETI supporter is a privilege.

Do you want to become a recurring donor? Want to be like Ben and Lynn? It’s easy! Email  [email protected]     and we will tell you how.

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