Ambassador Says “Hello” to ETI

Ambassador Endorses ETI
I flew back to Minnesota last night with Sarah Cohn (Cohn Consulting) after 5 straight days of USAID/ASHA work. In between trying to glean all we could to write a winning grant application for $276,000. to construct the ‘next’ four buildings and enable KARUCO (Karagwe University College) to open in October 2016, we visited D.C.’s monuments and had some fun. First – the conference was energizing, well-planned and fruitful. We learned about lots of faith-based and secular projects around the world who are doing so much with so few resources. It was truly inspiring.  That said, competition is fierce and we have our job cut out for us to write a winning grant. Among other things, ETI needs to demonstrate:

• how KARUCO will eliminate extreme poverty
• sensible ‘green’ measures and prove good stewardship of resources
• how KARUCO will build mutual understanding between Tanzania and the U.S.
• how KARUCO will equip and empower women as decision-makers

At the end of the conference, ETI dropped in on the Tanzanian Ambassador, Her Excellency Liberata Mulamula. The Ambassador was so happy to see us again, shared thoughts and a laugh and reiterated her strong support for ETI.  With our continued work, Tanzanian girls will be able to attend college and prepare for a life beyond extreme poverty.  She greets all of you with a hearty “Hello and Thank You for all you do for Tanzania!”

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  1. Kimberly Wolf on April 5, 2015 at 8:27 pm

    Lifting up prayers that God showers favor upon ETI and paves the way for the grant. Glad you enjoyed your visit to Washington DC. Happy Easter!

    • Jan Hansen on April 5, 2015 at 8:39 pm

      We are grateful for you, Kimberly. Thank you for helping with the most important aspect of the project! We’ll keep you posted on progress, and Happy Easter to you.

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